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Date & Time: Wednesday, October 20, 7-7:30 pm East Africa Time, (4 pm GMT, 5 pm West Africa Time)

With Monique Ntumngia

For the past 6 years, NGOs and activists have been focusing efforts on the Sustainable Development Goals of the UN: how to solve them across the globe by 2030. But how are solutions chosen around the world? How can we ensure that they will be successful on the ground? 

Join us to learn from Monique about her solution, Green Girls Organisation, and her guidance on how to approach the SDGs in local areas.


Monique Ntumngia is a renewable energy entrepreneur from Cameroon. She is an
unapologetic feminist who believes that women and girls deserve the same equal
opportunities that men are entitled to. She is the founder of the Green Girls
Organisation an NGO based in Cameroon that trains exclusively women and girls in African rural communities on how to generate energy from the sun and waste using a unique scoring model(MNKB92) which is basically making use of Artificial Intelligence to provide specific clean energy solutions in regards to the energy needs of the community.

The women and girls are also taught on how to assemble quality solar reading lamps which the Green Girls Organisation then creates markets to help these women sell their assembled lamps, the women are also taught how to package and sell organic fertilizer which is an agricultural bi-product obtained from the bio digesters that are constructed to provide biogas which is clean cooking energy obtained from waste.

She is also the founder of Monafrik Energy a company she founded in 2016 that carries out solar installations for major construction projects, individuals who have their homes in the rural areas, schools, hospitals and catering establishments. Her work in providing access to clean and affordable energy in African rural communities specifically to women and girls who are a marginalised group and the primary victims of the energy crisis Africa and the world at large is facing, portray her values of service to not only her country Cameroon but Africa and the world at large.

The work of Monique Ntumngia in providing sustainable infrastructure in Africa has earned her numerous international recognitions such as:

– The 1st African female entrepreneur to win the 2019 VISA Everywhere Initiative Women’s Global Edition under their Social Impact category with a 100000 USD funding.

– 2019 WWF International President’s Award recipient. She is the 1st African female to ever be awarded this award for her work in providing access to renewable energy and is currently the WWF International Ambassador.

– 2017 WWF Africa Youth Award.

– 2017 Africa Youth Connekt Best Project and Pitch.

– 2017 Sustainable Tourism Award from the Ministry of Tourism and Energy of Cameroon.

– 2017 UNCTAD Award for Best Entrepreneur and Project.

– 2016 Cameroon Leadership Award for Best Entrepreneur in Cameroon.

Monique Ntumngia has been featured severally on numerous international media such as: BBC, Forbes, France 24, Africa 24, IGTN etc Thanks to the work of the Green Girls Organisation and Monafrik Energy more than 40 African rural communities across 3 African countries( Cameroon, Central African Republic and DRC Congo) have been impacted and over 300 solar installations have been carried out. Over 3060 biogas installations have been carried out and more than 3000 girls and 700 women across these 40 African rural communities have been impacted. Monique Ntumngia has severally been a high profile panelist under the: World Bank, IFC, UNDP, UNEP, UN Environment, VISA and the World Economic Forum……discussing sustainable solutions in regards to Africa’s infrastructure and access to private stake holders and African governments. As of July 2019 Forbes Editor Devin Thorpe named her Africa’s Renewable Energy Queen after profiling her work.

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