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Kevin Sofen

I am a water guy that loves technology, the fire service, side hustles and helping others.

I work for W.S. Darley & Company who manufactures fire, defense and water solutions for fire departments, federal agencies and the Department of Defense. I specifically focus on new product innovations that cover two distinct categories: water and virtual reality. I also am a part of several side hustles, my first being a social enterprise called Wristsponsible which raises funds and awareness for water projects that include safe water systems, watershed improvement and water is medicine projects. Additionally, I am a Co-Founder of Box of Rain, an organization with the mission to help corporations provide safe, accessible water to those in need after disasters so those impacted can worry about other urgent needs. In my third side hustle, I am a board member for Comics for Safety where we create and deploy graphic novels to communicate safety messages in an easy-to-digest way.

After I attended the 2019 UNLEASH Innovations Labs in Shenzhen, China, my friend and now partner James Armour and I were asking ourselves, “How can we continue this momentum around the United Nations Sustainable development Goals (SDGs)?” Over lunch discussions between solution co-creation, my fourth side hustle SDG Talks was born with the goal of developing a physical and virtual platform where changemakers could share ideas, best practices and human interest stories around the SDGs via a weekly podcast and monthly webinars.