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Date & Time: Thursday, October 21st, 2-3 pm East Africa Time (11 am GMT; 4:30 pm Indian Standard Time)

Speakers: Karishma Ahmed, Cynthia Doley, Sandeep Borah

Have you ever wondered if just one person’s story can shape a new generation? Conservation storytellers do just that: they influence perspectives of environmental values, attitudes, and beliefs by connecting their communities with little known or under-loved places, forests and species. 

Join Cynthia, Karishma, and Sandeep from Balipara Foundation for a storytelling workshop to learn about the importance of storytelling and how it can be used to advance conservation and the Sustainable Development Goals. 


Name Karishma Ahmed

Rural Futures - Chief Communications Architect

name Sandeep Borah

Communications Architect - Forums

Name Cynthia Evelyn Doley

Communications Architect

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